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Ivan Bobersky
enthusiast of sports movement, teacher, journalist, photographer
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Training of the first teachers of physical training is connected to his name. He has published the first textbooks of gymnastic exercises and sports: "Entertainments and games in movement" 1904, "A dig ball" 1906, "The importance of sports societies" 1909.
From 1901 I.Bobersky has headed Ukrainian "Falcon" . And in 1902 "falcons" for the first time have acted with sports exercises publicly and have started to influence the relation of the public to physical training positively.

   Lviv regional council decided
   to declare 2013 the Year
   of Lviv prominent figure of Ukrainian
   National Physical Education
   I. Boberskyi

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The creator of the Ukrainian football Ivan Bobersky for the first time in 20 century has publicly used the sonorous name "Ukraine"...

I.Bobersky has based in the Academic grammar school the first Ukrainian sports circle where schoolboys were engaged in track and field athletics, football, boxing, hockey, skiing, tourism and sledge sports in 1906.

He has organized the first Ukrainian
" Sports circle " in 1908.
Much its pupils in due course in 1911 have formed a sports society with the loud name "Ukraine" - strongest Ukrainian football club of Galitsiya...
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